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Yoni eggs set of 3

Yoni eggs set of 3

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Rose quartz yoni eggs.

set of 3 

Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs are exquisite treasures crafted from the gentle energy of rose quartz crystal, known as the stone of love and compassion. Smooth and polished to perfection, these eggs are used in sacred practices to cultivate self-love, enhance sensuality, and awaken the divine feminine energy within. Each egg carries the nurturing essence of rose quartz, promoting emotional healing and heart-centered awareness.

When used in Yoni egg practices, they encourage pelvic floor strength, balance, and harmony. With their soft pink hue and loving vibrations, Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs serve as reminders to honor and cherish the sacred temple of the feminine body, fostering a deep connection to oneself and the universe.

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