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our vision is to create a magical and enchanting experience for customers, offering handcrafted witchy candles that ignite the power of intention, spirituality, and self discovery. we aspire to infuse every home with mystic energy, warmth, and spiritual connection through unique candle creations.

our mission is to craft high quality, ethically sourced candles imbued with ancient wisdom, natural elements, and bewitching aromas. by blending tradition with artistry, we seek to empower individuals on their spiritual journeys, providing tools for manifestation, meditation and ritual practice. we aim to foster a community of magic minded souls, embracing diversity, inclusivity and reverence for the earth, while spreading light, inspiration and wonder with each candle we create.

Our collections are carefully selected. Delivery options and payment methods generous and flexible. Browse through our product gallery and experience shopping with Dharma Tribe for yourself. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments or suggestions.





Master reiki healer

As a dedicated practitioner of holistic wellness and spiritual healing, i am a passionate reiki healer, seasoned massage therapist, and artisanal candle maker. with a deep rooted connection to the mystical world and a profound reverence for the power of intention, my journey has led me to integrate the ancient arts of reiki, the therapeutic benefits of massage and the enchanting craft of candle making. 
My expertise in reiki healing goes beyond energy balancing and relaxation, delving into the realm of spiritual connection and inner peace. with a nurturing touch, i guide clients into a transformative journey, tapping into the universal life force to restore harmony and well being.
As a skilled massage therapist, i offer a holistic approach to healing combining various modalities to address individual needs and promote overall wellness. each session is tailored to align the body, mind, and spirit, promoting deep relaxation, pain relief and renewed sense of vitality.
In my role as a mystical candle maker, i infuse every creation with intention, spirituality, and natural elements, crafting candles that inspire magic and manifest positive energy. My candle making artistry stems for a deep rooted connection to the elements and commitment to providing tools for meditation, ritual practice, and sacred space creation.
Bringing this elements together I offer a transformative healing experience that acompases the body, mind and spirit, paving the way for inner growth, self discovery and holistic well being. Through my work I seek to foster a community of magic minded souls, honouring diversity, inclusivity, and reverence to the earth.
with a genuine desire to empower individuals on their spiritual journey, I. invite you to experience the transformative magic of holistic healing, where ancient wisdom, natural elements and mystical energy converge to create a realm of healing, connection and enchantment.