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Dharma Tribe

Oddities candle

Oddities candle

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In witchcraft, "oddities" typically refer to unique, unusual, or mystical objects that hold symbolic or magical significance. These items are often used in rituals, spellwork, divination, and spiritual practices.

The Oddities Candle is a captivating blend of mystery and allure, designed to intrigue the senses and ignite the imagination. Infused with a unique combination of exotic scents like black amber and oud wood, this candle transports you to a realm where the extraordinary meets the ordinary. Each flicker of its flame reveals layers of intrigue, inviting you to explore the unknown and embrace the beauty in life's quirks and anomalies. Light it during moments of contemplation or when seeking inspiration from the unconventional. Let its enigmatic glow inspire creativity and curiosity, encouraging you to embrace the beauty of life's peculiarities.

this candle contains real lynx bones 

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