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Medusa candle

Medusa candle

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Medusa is a figure from Greek mythology known for her powerful and terrifying ability to turn anyone who looked into her eyes into stone. This ability is often referred to as the "magic power" of Medusa, and it has been a source of fascination and fear for centuries🐍

The power of Medusa is often described as a curse, resulting from a punishment inflicted upon her by the goddess Athena. According to the myth, Medusa was once a beautiful mortal woman with long, flowing hair. However, after she caught the eye of the sea god Poseidon and they eventually lay together in Athena's temple, Athena cursed Medusa, transforming her into a hideous creature with snakes for hair and the power to turn anyone who gazed into her eyes to stone.

The magic power of Medusa is often seen as a representation of the destructive and paralyzing nature of fear. In many interpretations of the myth, the ability to turn people to stone is a metaphor for the way fear can immobilize and paralyze individuals, preventing them from moving forward or taking action.

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