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Goddess Hecate candle

Goddess Hecate candle

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Hecate is a complex and multifaceted figure in mythology and modern witchcraft. In Greek mythology, she is a goddess associated with magic, witchcraft, crossroads, the moon, and the underworld. Hecate is often depicted as a triple-formed goddess, representing maiden, mother, and crone aspects. She is a guardian of the liminal spaces and is invoked for protection, guidance, and wisdom. In modern witchcraft, Hecate is revered as a powerful and independent deity, often called upon for assistance in spell work, divination, and spiritual transformation. She is also seen as a guide to the spirit world and a source of strength for those navigating dark or challenging times. Hecate's symbols include keys, torches, dogs, and crossroads, and she is honored during the night of the new moon and on her sacred day, Hekate's Deipnon.

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