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La catrina candle

La catrina candle

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Scent: pumpkin spiced

La Catrina is a iconic and widely recognized figure in the Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) tradition in Mexico. She is often depicted as a skeletal female wearing an elegant, ornate hat and dressed in a fancy outfit. The figure of La Catrina was created by Mexican artist José Guadalupe Posada in the early 20th century as a social commentary on the upper-class during the time of the Mexican Revolution.

In the Day of the Dead tradition, La Catrina represents the idea that death is a natural part of life and that everyone, regardless of social standing, will eventually face death. She has become a symbol of both the celebration of life and the acceptance of death.

During Day of the Dead celebrations, people often paint their faces to resemble La Catrina, wear elaborate costumes, and incorporate her image into altars or decorations. She is a beloved and respected figure in Mexican culture, and her presence adds a touch of elegance and humor to the festivities.

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