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Solar Plexus Candle

Solar Plexus Candle

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Manipura, or solar plexus chakra candle is a candle made to work and open your solar plexus chakra.

Scented cinnamon lemon with calendula, crysanthemum, dry lemon and citrine quartz.

Manipura is our seat of personal power. This fiery energy wheel is an explosion of confidence radiating from the space between your ribs and belly button. It is the centre of vitality. It controls our energy balance to strengthen and consolidate our health. This chakra has an effect like a magnet, attracting prana from the cosmos. As the seat of digestive fire, this chakra regulates the function of the pancreas and digestive organs

A blocked solar plexus might feel like stomach or colon problems. You may feel also low self esteem, lack of self trust and weak will.


How to use it? 

Take of the stone of your solar plexus chakra candle to avoid it to sink. Light your candle in a moment of silence and calm (if possible). Set your intention (on a piece of paper or just for you). Let your candle burn 2/3 hours max at times. 

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